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Evan J. Haines was born 1985 in Adelaide, South Australia.

In primary school Evan was passionate about reading, art, and writing. He was fascinated and read everything he could about aquatic life of the river and oceans. He also was an avid reader of the Goosebumps series throughout primary school.  He studies the boating manual until completely memorised and he obtained his license to drive a boat at the age of 12. Unfortunately his love of reading and writing was lost in high school — he didn’t come back to it for many years.


After school he studied building and construction with the aim of renovating houses with his parents. However, after completing the course his parents stopped renovating.  Evan continued studying but changed tact and went into music. Eventually studying at the Conservatorium of music at Adelaide University. He still has a love for music but now mainly in the form of dancing  salsa and bachata.

When he realised that music wasn’t the career for him he stood at a crossroad; in the same month he was offered a role in the police force or to start a bachelor’s degree in psychology. During his time at uni he worked as a self-defence instructor which he had trained at for years. It was also during his time studying psychology that Evan began writing again. He loved psychology, anthropology, and subjects like philosophy. They enthralled him during his time at university, and was one of the inspirations for his writing.

Once he completed his degree in psychology he began his practical studies in hypnotherapy. Completing a certificate and diploma in psychotherapy/hypnotherapy. He started his own hypnotherapy clinic in Adelaide which he still works to this day. Working for himself allows Evan to write almost every day; including a mixture of self-help and fiction.

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