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About Writing

I believe that writing is about the author sharing their thoughts. However, not just the obvious conscious thoughts of the author or their story. I believe writing connects the author to their unconscious, and thereby bringing the unconscious alive and to the outside world.

It causes me to raise an eyebrow when someone says that a certain text contains the authors’ opinion or too much of the author in general. Well, no shit, the whole thing is the author. Whether it’s their opinion or motives, or their perceptions of self, society or others. It can’t be anything else but the author thoughts.

Some have said that writing and story creation is all just made-up; like make-believe.... But what isn’t... From language, rights, possessions, concepts, values and beliefs... all of it made-up from within the minds of people.

One of many tricks to writing:

It might not be enough to just write a cool story. Matter in fact I don’t think any cool stories have ever lasted with any longevity. There needs to be something deeper in an author’s writing... What are they really saying? What lies beneath the story and plot? What deeper meaning is there? What Philosophy? What is being said about society? Or politically? Or about the state of humanity and the human condition? Etc, etc, etc.

While the whole time never telling the reader and audience what they should think, believe, or do.

Too often now, there is an obvious and grotesque political insertion in the literary arts. They no longer show you but tell you. They’ve changed the art form of writing into a political left vs. right and tell you the right way of thinking and behave. Writing becomes a vehicle for pushing ideology. Luckily, I don’t believe it will last, because it will always be seen for what it is... Tastelessness and ideology posing as literary art.

It is completely fine to have political themes throughout writing. However, ideology should not be forced down an audiences throats. They have a right and free mind to figure things out for themselves. So show you reader a world and the themes of your writing, respecting their freedom to choose.

This is another way to show the reader rather than telling them. Maybe the most important part of the show don’t tell rule.

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