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The Last Head Hunters

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Blurb / Description 

Derrick Marsh and his partner Karrie are anthropologists conducting fieldwork with one of the last headhunting tribes in Papua New Guinea.

They disappear when a civil war breaks out in the tribal highlands and are presumed dead.

Years pass and everyone is stunned when Derrick miraculously returns home alive but alone, and he is no longer the same man he was all those years earlier.

Derrick is now armed with the skills and knowledge from living with the last of the Papuan head hunters. Upon his arrival, he wastes no time in putting these skills to use with drastic and horrific consequences.

Notions of good and evil quickly blur, as Derrick is tested to make the right choices and to find the truth about New Guinea. But is Derrick really seeking the truth or just revenge against those who left him for dead.

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